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What we offer


Impex Europa manufactures and supplies rodenticides for its industrial clients, distributors and importers in its three production phases:


I. Production and packaging

Impex Europa Fabricación a granel de raticidas We supply large amounts of high quality rodenticides under their different preparations and we package them under our client’s own brand name in our plant.

We prepare the latest 3 active ingredients whose efficiency has been proven:

  1. Bromadiolone (red line*)
  2. Brodifacoum (blue line*)
  3. Difenacoum (green line*)
    *There can be exceptions in the colour line.

We basically produce the following products:


High quality fresh bait

From the beginning we have been selling fresh bait and we have included substantial improvements, achieving one of the highest quality baits in the international market. cebos-frescos-3

10 g fresh bait with special protective paper wrapping

cebos-frescos-50g 50 gr. fresh bait with bromadiolone. A special format for large rodents.


Modular fusion paraffinised bait

Modular Fusion® (exclusively for Impex Europa sl) offers a higher quantity of appealing substances and a lower proportion of paraffin.

óvulos raticidas parafina fusión modular4/5 g pills MODULAR FUSION®

parafina-11g-311/13 g ovules MODULAR FUSION®

parafina-20g-3 20/23 g ovules MODULAR FUSION®


8/10 g MODULAR FUSION® ribbed bait


20 g MODULAR FUSION® ribbed bait


30-32 g MODULAR FUSION® ribbed bait


50 g MODULAR FUSION® ribbed bait


90/100 g MODULAR FUSION® ribbed bait





High resistance pellet

Pellet raticida de alta resistencia

Compact pellet

Non-poison bait for monitoring rodents


Bait stations

Portacebos para raticidas

Bait station with key for all types of baits: paraffin, fresh bait, pellet, liquid, granules, etc.

Rodent glue

Cola raticida a granel



Packaged under your brand

Envasamos raticidas con su marca We package our products in different amounts and types of packaging. We supply our rodenticides packaged with our clients’ brands following their specifications. We own specific registrations.



II. Labelled end product

raticidas alta eficacia fabricación We produce a wide range of end products labelled with our brands and registrations that we can offer under a wide variety of amounts and delivery periods. Check our product range.



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